Monday, August 1, 2011

First post

Hello and welcome to my blog. It's the first time I create my own blog even if I use the Internet for quite a long time. As I said in my profile I'm french and I don't speak english perfectly but I think this is a good occasion to improve myself. So, if I made some mistakes, please feel free to correct me.

I'm 21 and I'm a computer science student. I'm interrested in a lot of things but my principals hobbies are :
- video games (played Guild Wars for 3 years, Valkyria Chronicles, Demon's Souls, Metal Gear Solid... I can't name them all, there are too many of them)
- manga (such as Ghost in The Shell, Darker Than Black, Ergo Proxy...)
- music (mostly Metal but not only)
- astronomy
- art
- ...

To finish, this blog will be about all the things I like. Oh and I'm thinking about changing the visual aspect. Something less... dull.


  1. You look´s like a coll guy,Great blog

  2. Your English is awesome man, way better than most people ><

  3. You speak very well! Followed. :)

  4. i am also a 21 computer student and into astronomy, looking forward to more, following

  5. I am also a Computer Science major, though I can't say I'm into metal, astronomy, or manga. I am still interested to see your posts, though.

  6. I think that's a good idea, not to limit yourself to one specific topic but rather to write about what interests you. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  7. Hey I took Java at school, jk:)
    Anyway, I see you list Demon's Souls as one of your favorite games. GOing to be straight out and say that game is so hard, i rented it, found it being really challenging, got bored, and returned it hehe

  8. no your english is fine
    mine sucks!

  9. Yeah it's intersting, I never was into blogging myself until I discovered the great services at blogspot. Welcome!

  10. cool, i never finished watching darker than black.. it was a little confusing.